From the recording Edge of America

Are we living on the EDGE OF AMERICA?


I stood on the edge of America
And my eyes swam out into the blue
The fires still burning behind me
And I wondered how we’d make it through

The tide washed away any memory
Of the giants who stood here in vain
The air thick with something we used to run from
Now it just eases our pain

Back toward the chaos
The smoke found my lungs
And my soul’s radio playing Fortunate Son
As I swayed on the edge of America

Bricks we once used for creation
Transformed into weapons of war
They flew with the force of damnation
As they did when they flew here before

Brandishing dark against darkness
They blocked out the light of the day
The louder they screamed, the more that it seemed
They had nothing, nothing to say

Lambs to the slaughter
They do what they’re told
Always so happy to be bought and sold
In the streets on the edge of America

My sadness will rise with the eastern sun
My heart finds its rest in the middle
My soul reaches for the horizon
But my dreams will be born and die on the edge of America

As the wind came upon me I shivered
Though the sun was so warm on my skin
My chill was no fault of the weather
But the truth that arose from within

I turned to examine my footsteps
It appeared I’d been walking alone
And my heart sank with fear for I knew if not here
There was no place left we could go
There was no place left we could go