From the recording HAUNTED

A swampy, smokey tune lamenting lost love and obsession.



The light of day is a hiding place
But the clouds against the sky
Betray the features of her face
And the blue that was in her eyes

The setting sun is a ticking clock
And the hour is drawing near
When darkness falls I hear her call
Soon she will be here

Lock the doors and shutter the windows
Drowning my fear in my drink
Do I hear footsteps or is that the drip-drip-drip of a leaky sink?

I am haunted
I am haunted

I peer outside and my eyes play tricks
As she dances in the mist
Another sip and I feel the burn
Of the lips that I once kissed

It’s a woeful song she’s crying
And my ears can’t stand the sound
One more look and I’m certain now
She doesn’t touch the ground

Consequences of my calling, I never understood
I can’t put the genie back in the bottle but would I if I could?

I am haunted
I am haunted

I drew her a heart on a foggy window
I carved our initials in a willow tree
I floated her a love letter in a bottle
I want my baby back home with me

Mummified in sheets I’m hiding
I still feel the chill in my bones
She floats above me but she’ll never love me so why won’t she leave me alone?

I am haunted
I am haunted