From the recordings Rain Like Wine EP and RAIN LIKE WINE

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RAIN LIKE WINE is about one of life's simple pleasures . . .staying in on a rainy day and enjoying a certain magic that only happens when you shut the world out and let the rain fall all day and all night.


The weatherman just broke the news
You may as well kick off your shoes and close the door
A storm’s what he’s calling for

So call your boss, cancel class
He’ll understand and you’ll still pass
They’re calling all the games . . . it’s heavy rain


So let it rain, that’s ok
We can stay inside all day and order in, anything you please
Red wine and Chinese?

The dog is cat napping, the cat is sleeping on the dog
We finally get to use the fireplace, if I can figure out how to light this log
Don’t do the dishes, do Eskimo kisses then a butterfly
That’s one I want to try

Music on, candles lit
Blankets on the floor let’s sit and listen how
Raindrops kiss the ground

And if you want to dance, I can lead
We’ll slide around in stocking feet
We’ve got all day
Let’s take our time and
Drink in the rain like wine
Rain like wine
Drink in the rain like wine
Rain like wine