From the recordings Rain Like Wine EP and EVERY LITTLE THING

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EVERY LITTLE THING is for anyone who seems to be fine on the surface, but is struggling underneath. It offers a message of hope.


By Eric Meyers
Copyright 2018

You’ve been around and you’ve done some living
You ain’t the kind to apologize
It took some time, well, maybe too much
Only now you realize

You look around you and everybody
Seems like they’ve got it figured out
You did it your way, gaming the system
Your bed is feeling like a coffin now

Yeah they told you just leap and the bridge will appear
They told you everything that you wanted to hear
Just around the corner but never in sight
Every little thing is gonna be alright

Same itch but you can never scratch it
A day late and a dollar short
So you’ve seen the shrink and you’ve read the guru
You get the feeling that it’s all for sport

You’ve been operating on the philosophy
That the only thing to do is wait patiently
But here you are again another lonely night
Every little thing is gonna be alright

Put on a good face for the old crowd
Still plenty left you want to hide
As far as they know you’ve got it going on
If they only knew all the things that you have tried

It’s gonna happen out of nowhere
Suddenly you connect the dots
And you remember that you’re not in charge here
There’s something much bigger calling the shots

And the burden you’ve been carrying disappears
And you’re looking at the hope now instead of the fear
And you finally see the truth there in black and white
Every little thing is gonna be alright