New music alert: The Rev release what is perhaps their grittiest tune yet. LEARN TO CRAWL, August 3, 2021.

It's a new era and The Rev are bringing with it a sound that has evolved along with several new videos. The much anticipated video for GIRL LIKE THAT will combine reality with your very own dream world.

The Rev has been described as what would happen if country and southern rock hitched a ride to the west coast and went surfing. Yeah, we'll take that. 

On October 15th, 2020, The Rev released HAUNTED, one of their most anticipated singles. A smokey, swampy tune about love lost and obsession. This follows the release of the critically lauded song, GIVING UP THE GHOST. The band then released their heartfelt, down-home song, Wings Halos & Hearts. Steel guitar, fiddle, and a country rock lead electric guitar carry the listener as broken hearts are mended one chorus at a time.

The band's video for their song, WHISKEY REBELLION, has received more than 500,000 views on Facebook and thousands more elsewhere.

Based in Scottsdale, AZ, The Rev is an ensemble of seasoned musicians with a sound all their own. Though rooted in country, the songwriting comprises elements of outlaw swamp stomp, Brian Wilson inspired harmonies, Brit pop structures, and southern rock guitar stylings, all within an indie vibe.

It took a series of not-so-happy accidents to get here. Founding member and singer/songwriter, Eric Meyers, nearly died before he wrote a single note. An avid surfer and waterman, one of his favorite hobbies is the art of freediving (no scuba tanks, just a big breath hold). Meyers went diving for lobsters off of San Diego late one night in October of 2017 and almost didn't return. He was swept into an undersea cave and barely made it out before he blacked out and drowned. That night changed everything. Meyers turned his focus to songwriting and by the time the new year came around, he had written the first four in what would become a long roster of songs.

Meyers knew he needed musicians with an uncommon level of skill and unique sensibilities to bring the sound to life. His first call was to his music mentor and master guitar player, Frank Monaco. They call Monaco the "Swiss Army Knife" of guitar players because he can play in nearly any style .   

To round things out, Meyers and Monaco enlisted the help of drummer Chris Chambers, a multi-instrumentalist who has played and written with numerous top notch acts. Completing the rhythm section is bassist, John June. Known for his ultra-melodic style of play, June has played with several highly regarded acts, including the Southern Rock Allstars.  Legendary steel guitar player, John Rickard, was brought it to provide rich harmonies and swells—along with some blistering solos. Sarah Howell and Ciera Elizabeth furthered the development of harmonic richness with additional vocals. Piano prodigy, Mitchell Leonard, delivers melodies and flourishes to several numbers. Tying it all together with country authenticity is banjo and fiddle player Dan Hochhalter, current member of Dierks Bentely's band.

The name The Rev really says it all….it's short for "The Revival". Anyone who listens to The Rev will immediately hear a certain kind of songwriting and playing being brought back to life in a new context. The result is a sound that could have only happened through the confluence of the right songs played by the right musicians at just the right time.  

The Rev released their first single, El Diablo (#eldiablo) to rave reviews on November 30th 2018. On February 22nd, 2019, The Rev released their follow up single, Whiskey Rebellion, a southern rock rebel song in the spirit of pure Americana. Whiskey Rebellion (#whiskeyrebellion) has exceeded the worldwide listenership of El Diablo and continues to climb. Since that time the band has released 7 more singles. Their Pop/Americana tune, GIRL LIKE THAT, is their most listened to song on Spotify as of summer 2021.

Believe in The Rev!