Rain Like Wine EP

The Rev

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The Rev plant roots with their EP, Rain Like Wine. In soil that is best described as Americana, they’ve nurtured their sound and cultivated new songs that speak to the listener with a deeper, melodic sensibility.

Both in and out of the studio, The Rev have explored and revisited the music that has influenced and would inform the path leading to a variety of new material. The title track, Rain Like Wine, is at first ironic for a band based in the Sonoran Desert. The landscape may be parched, but the band digs deep to demonstrate that music is an extension of imagination. They take the listener on a sonic journey and romanticize the simple things in life. There’s magic in a rainy day at home and the band pours a healthy glass for the listener to drink down.

The Rain Like Wine EP is nothing if not the exposition of a wide set of musical sensibilities. A romantic title track gives way to a sharp turn into funky country with Mashed Potatoes. Unmistakable toe-tapping rhythm and steel guitar take the listener to a place of simply joy. At the next fork in the road, The Rev come through with a stark contrast between that joy and the weight of life’s unavoidable dark corners. Every Little Thing begins as a sweet country chord progression, only to reveal pain and struggle. A very restrained, but bittersweet lead guitar line leads the way as the song navigates life’s suffering, giving a voice to mental illness and hope in perseverance.

A nostalgic, pop feel and contagious lyrical hook in Girl Like That bring the listener home to The Rev’s Americana roots. She’s the girl of your dreams, but she’s just out of reach…until you awake to find she was with you the whole time. A playful take on a game of cat and mouse while following your heart.

With the band on solid ground, new music continues to emerge from several different directions. These musicians are as well equipped as they are inspired to synthesize the sounds in their minds along the road to recording future material.

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